A quick productivity hack surprisingly few people know about

If you are like me, you use a lot of web applications like Asana, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc. You also probably have a few dozen tabs open, so finding these apps can be a pain. The result is the same application is opened many times slowing your machine and if one of those tabs is a Google Meet video conference, good luck finding mute/ unmute in a reasonable time.

Aside from the hidden aspect of tabs, I also love and miss the convenience of Mac apps to just press Command + Tab to navigate between apps or to quickly tap…


Succeeding at Hybrid is Thinking Distributed

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As the world starts to open up and allow use of corporate office space, many companies and teams are confronted with the question of how to engage going forward. On the one hand, they have paid for office space and a feeling that something is “missing” by not being in person. On the other hand, they have employees who have scattered, new employees who have been hired in new territories with the expectation that they’d be allowed to work from anywhere, and data showing them that employees expect flexibility.

Hybrid is the solution many are coming to where the company…


A reference playbook when leading or joining an “innovation organization”

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“There are innovative companies and then there are companies with innovation departments.”

This arrogant quip is something I used to say when I was coming from the startup posture looking to re-invent categories and in the process disrupt the incumbents. When I was at many of these startups, I had to navigate these larger companies as a partner to help them think through how to bring in our disruptive solutions. Years later, I found myself in an “Innovation Department” of a larger organization with the mission to build a new software and services organization. …

Effective Distributed Teams

One Simple Shift for Big Impact

Distributed team models are quickly moving from an intriguing side discussion to a real discussion everyone is having. There are many organic reasons these discussions are happening such as recruiting challenges, employees looking to move closer to “hometown” to escape increasingly growing costs of living in dense urban areas, and an increasing push for global growth early in the business lifecycle. And of course, tech leaders have also increasingly been talking about the move to distributed, accelerating the consideration across the board.

Leaders who consider a distributed team model focus their time on trying to answer a myriad of questions…

Co-creation: A better “meeting” format for modern teams

Our addiction to social media and the constant flow of messages and emails at work has led many meeting organizers to announce “this is a no phones, no laptops meeting.” I’ve led my fair share of meetings saying the same thing. There are situations where this remains the right approach.

However, I believe this easy catchphrase is missing the point. In fact, structuring the meeting format so meeting participants keep their devices on often leads to more engaged participants and more productive use of time.

Let’s flip the standard advice and thoughtfully announce: “Keep your devices on! …

Travis Bogard

Product-led Exec. Ex-SVP Head of Product Org, Samsung NEXT, Uber, Jawbone, Tellme, AOL. Measure twice. Cut once.

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