Effective Distributed Teams

Ending the Stigma of Remote Working

One Simple Shift for Big Impact

Leaders who consider a distributed team model focus their time on trying to answer a myriad of questions…

If you truly want to build an effective “remote” culture, remove the word “remote” from your vocabulary and replace it with “distributed.”

Source: Screenshot Google Search

These keywords and phrases imply that there is a power center and that everyone else not physically located at this center are less relevant.

However, if you are looking to create a thriving distributed team environment where all members have a voice and work as if they were in the same room, it’s essential to not use the word “remote.”

…it will also reframe how you think about solving other challenges…. more about the people and the talent.

As a leader, you have to make a deliberate choice. Tell the team about the shift in terminology. Reiterate it. Proactively remind people each time they say the “remote” word until it slowly stops.

My grand hope is this post will be the last headline to use “remote” in its title.

Product-led Exec. Ex-SVP Head of Product Org, Samsung NEXT, Uber, Jawbone, Tellme, AOL. Measure twice. Cut once.

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